There is no greater adventure, or war, than the unsung act of simply living. From the moment we enter our lives, and occupy the space therein, and the moment after that, and the moment after that, we are on the battlefields of endless possibilities … the playground of the Great Perhaps.

Life is an anti-hero, and sometimes as with any misunderstood thing, we mistreat it as the villain; with neither sympathy nor reflection we see it as against us, as alien to us, a threat. And yet at the same time, it has such redeemable, and charismatic qualities, it’s hard not to root when it wins.

Life is the most broken character ever written, because life always wins. Always. And as we journey from moment to moment, in war-torn lands of our own potentiality and creation, as we walk in life’s shoes until the end of our story, it is up to us to choose our own adventure.

Simply living is like a warzone, between the armies of reality and hope, the factions of imagination and despair. And as we fight, and we must fight, we must also seek the perhaps that will have life remember us in the end. Being an author is my adventure, my Great Perhaps, and I go now to seek it.

May you never forget me.