I travel with a group of people. We come across another group and join them. We integrate into their lives. We live in the hollow of a giant tree and over time become one with them. But they have lived in the hollow of this giant tree for years with fire-breathing tigers who hunt them to near-extinction. Over time the tigers grow in mass and on one day they converge on us all. There are thousands of them, streaks and ambushes as far as the eye can see. They overrun us, they run us down and they kill us, kill us all. They tear us limb from limb and set us on fire. A few of us escape up the tree to smaller hollows inside the trunk, clinging to the bark on the outside of the tree for dear life. The tigers follow. They too can climb. With tooth and nail they climb towards us, tooth and nail and ferocious hunger. In their fervour they breathe and set the tree on fire. They reach us and do the same. We cling to the bark on the outside of the trunk until the last, blue fire and orange fur and charred remains, all that remain. None escape. They overrun us until we fall and they fall with us. I wake up.


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